Berks County's Outstanding Young Woman

The Standards of Achievement

How All Outstanding Young Women Are Evaluated

The "Accent is on Achievement" with five areas of judging combining to evaluate the qualities and characteristics of the well rounded young women. Each category is equal in value in the selection process to insure that every participant is given a fair chance to gain the recognition she is entitled to receive.

The first two stages in the selection process are "behind the scenes" with the final three made part of an on-stage production. In effect, only 60% of the judging is seen by the audience during the show. The basis of selection and format is the same at the preliminary level (to select finalists), the local finals and the state level. The five judging catergories are:


A panel of qualified educators evaluate the transcripts of grades and scores of scholastic tests to determine the scholastic score. The panel evaluates the achievements of candidates in their school and community to determine the achievement score. The scores are added to equal 20% and to determine the Scholastic & Achievement awards.


In a 10 minute discussion session with each Outstanding Young Woman candidate, the panel of judges evaluate knowledge, perception, clarity of expression, sense of values and communication skills.


Each Candidate is permitted up to two minutes to display a talent of her own choice. The total performance is evaluated for ability and skill in light of the difficulty as well as stage presence.


Physical well being and stamina, as well as coordination and agility are evaluated during group aerobic routines featuring calisthenics.


Naturalness in carriage, posture, and poise in moving about the stage are considered with the ability to verbally communicate with confidence.