Berks County's Outstanding Young Woman Commitees

Board of Directors:
Norm Adam   President
David DeTurk   Vice-President
Crystal Reider   Treasurer
Deana Kostick   Secretary
William Wertz   Director
Mark Ettaro   Director
David Erb   Director
Curtis Filchner   Director
General Committee:
Norm Adam   General Chairman
William Wertz   Judging Chairman
David Erb   Contestants Coordinator
Luci Adam   Awards, Program Book Editor, Chaperone & Refreshments
Pat Wertz   Refreshments, People's Choice Cutest Baby Fundraiser
Crystal Reider   Public Relations & Refreshments
Marci Zambito   Assistant Judging
Tammy Haring   Tickets
Yvette Adam   Attendance
Martin Miller   Photographer
Danielle Henshue   Program Book Editor
David DeTurk   Scholarship Fund
Lynn DeTurk   Program Book Sales
Naomi DeTurk   Program Book Sales
Nicole Ettaro Angstadt   Alumni & Usherettes
Curtis Filchner   Website Design & Maintenance
OYW Class of 2020   Usherettes
Haley Zambito   People's Choice Cutest Baby Fundraiser
Debbie Yost   Refreshments
Maria Yost   Refreshments
Production Committee:
Mark Ettaro   Director
Sheri Ettaro   Stage Manager
David DeTurk   Sound Director
Curtis Filchner   Lighting & Scenic Design
Kevin Zambito   Spotlight Operator
Mike Meredith   Stage Crew & Curtain
Haley Zambito   Stage Crew - Microphone Specialist
David Erb   Stage Crew
Andrew Angstadt   Stage Crew
Crystal Rider   Dressing Room Aide
Kylie Ebeling   Dressing Room Aide
Gloria Christ   Dressing Room Aide
Gail Knauer   Dressing Room Aide
Luci Adam   Fitness Apparel Coordinator

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